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Worldwide Exporting

We currently export machinery worldwide due to our expanding business and customer base. In order to comply with current VAT regulations, the following export criteria must be adhered to;


We require your valid business name, address, contact telephone number and Email address.

Orders must be submitted via email so we have a record of your enquiry/order.

You must have a valid VAT number, ALL VAT numbers will be checked and verified.

Machinery to be exported will not be allowed to leave our yard without the customer providing a copy of their CMR.

A copy of the same CMR, complete with the GOODS RECEIVED BOX stamped and signed, is required along with a copy of the shipping/Ferry invoice, upon the customers receipt of the machinery in the intended destination country.

This information is required via email in order to verify that the machinery has reached its intended destination.

If we are unable to verify your contact details and VAT number, we will be unable to export machinery to you.